Mixtape Assembly is a podcast in which guests tell stories about songs that are special to them, with episodes hosted by Hartley Lloyd Pack and Simon Suspence. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud.


Farma G

New Farma G: Cosmic Gypsy

Yes yes! Mixtape Assembly in now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud, and we've been boosted by the arrival of Simon Suspence, who is going to share the hosting responsibilities alongside Hartley.

For his first guest, Simon's only gone and bagged a certain Farma G, Taskforce alumni, responsible for releasing some of the finest hip-hop to come out of the UK.

Simon’s always been a huge fan of Farma’s, rating him as one of his favourite lyricists, though these days the north London veteran is more focused on production, making beats for a bunch of rappers from both sides of the pond.

In his Mixtape Assembly, Farma talks openly on a range of topics, including his love of the 80’s, the mad genius of Busta Rhymes, and why spoken word poetry isn’t really his cup of tea...

Follow Farma @farmabeats

1. John Renbourn: Nobody’s Fault But Mine

2. Ollie and Jerry: There’s No Stopping Us Now

3. Bob Dylan: Sara

4. Busta Rhymes: Everybody Rise

5. Bruce Hornsby: The Way It Is

6. Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet

7. The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man

8. Patience and Prudence: Tonight You Belong To Me

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah: Lyrics and Spirits

Back with the biggest bang! This Mixtape Assembly is held by the mighty Benjamin Zephaniah, one of the most important voices to come out of the UK.

Benjamin is many things, many many things, but he is probably best known as a poet. His achievements are too great to list here, though speaking personally as someone who works in education I'd like to salute Benjamin for bringing words and stories to life for so many young people around the world.

In his Mixtape Assembly, Benjamin goes on a bit of a deep one, talking freely on life after death, meditation and breath, and why the royal family could never be blessed.

Musically we get some insight into the multiple worlds that Benjamin inhabits, and I reckon his selection features the happiest tune and the angriest tune on the podcast to date - hold tight my heavy metal crew.

Along the way, Benjamin sprinkles the show with sparkling little stories, including the time he inadvertently reunited a warring Wailers in the aftermath of Bob Marley’s death, his role in helping to launch Dizzee Rascal’s career, and the times he spent hanging out with Paul McCartney in smoked out dub clubs in Brixton...

1. Percy Shelley: Song To The Men Of England

2. Roots Manuva: Let The Spirit

3. Cat Stevens: Matthew And Son

4. Gladys Knight: Help Me Make It Through The Night

5. Bob Marley and The Wailers: Rastaman Chant

6. Benjamin Zephaniah and The Wailers: Free South Africa

7. Benjamin Zephaniah: In Times Like These

8. Leonard Cohen: Closing Time

9. George Harrison: Here Comes The Sun (Live Version)

10. System of a Down: Prison Song

11. Matthew Herbert: The Audience

12. Si Phili feat. Benjamin Zephaniah: Scrolling

Mighty Moe

Mighty Moe: Heartless Affair

We’ve got the vibes yo!
This Mixtape Assembly is curated by Mighty Moe of the legendary Heartless Crew - surely the most influential group to come out of the UK Garage movement.

In his Mixtape Assembly, Moe remembers how the whole thing started, with X amount of Heartless anecdotes, including a shaky start to life on Mission FM, Fonti’s days as a bossman barber, and waking up Bushkin’s nan in the middle of the night to chase off a rogue Jamaican possum.

On a more personal level, Moe reflects on the influences of his Middle Eastern parents and also pays tribute to the inspiration he drew from his late uncle Mark. Looking to the future, Moe talks about emceeing around the house with his daughter Ruby, whose bound to have a wicked flow - it’s absolutely good you know!

1. Fairuz: Habbaytak Bissayf

2. Rosie Gaines: Closer Than Close

3. Fat Freddy’s Drop: Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)

4. DJ Taktix: The Way (The VIP mix)

5. Brenda Russell: The Thick Of It

6. Nat King Cole: Nature Boy

7. Ennio Morricone: My Name Is Nobody

8. Atmosfear: Dancing In Outer Space

9. Musical Youth: Pass The Dutchie

10. Blak Twang: Done It Again

Zoe Buckman

Zoe Buckman: Flowers In The Pouring Rain

This Mixtape Assembly features Zoe Buckman, an artist who has developed a reputation for the bold and innovative ways in which she confronts the themes of feminism, mortality and equality.

Working in sculpture, installation and photography, Zoe’s influences are often lyrical, with past exhibitions paying reference to John Keats and the Notorious B.I.G respectively.

In her Mixtape Assembly, Zoe reflects on how important music is to her work, and, as both a fan of hip hop and a feminist, talks about how she responds to some of the misogynistic content found within certain rap lyrics.

As a London girl relocated to New York, Zoe explains some of the cultural differences between the cities, particularly in terms of race and identity, in the process paying homage to one of London’s finest, Amy Winehouse.

Having attended the same sixth form as Zoe, we couldn’t help but reminisce about growing up as underage garage ravers, and it turns out we were both a little bit in love with Damon Albarn back in the day...

Find out more about Zoe’s work here.

1. Paul Robeson: Balm In Gilead

2. Sweet Female Attitude: Flowers

3. Notorious B.I.G: I Got A Story To Tell

4. Jahnavi Harrison : Mayapur Dawn

5. Oasis: Champagne Supernova

6. Alicia Keys: Girl On Fire

7. Frank Ocean: Godspeed

8. Sabrina Mafouz: The Night You Were Born

9. Amy Winehouse: Fuck Me Pumps

10. The New Basement Tapes: When I Get My Hands On You

Dave Randall

Dave Randall: Raves and Revolution

Brand new and good for you! This episode is brought to you by Dave Randall, whose best known for playing guitar from Brixton to afar, performing as he has alongside the likes of Sinnead O’Connor, Faithless, Dido and Max Roach.

Dave is also a political activist, and in 2017 he released his debut book, entitled Sound System: The Political Power of Music. It's a fascinating read - full of raves, riots and revolution - as Dave explores the ways in which music can affect significant change in the world.

In his Mixtape Assembly, Dave expands on some of the experiences that inspired him to write the book, reflecting on one tune in particular that gave him something of an epiphany. Dave also talks about about some of the songs that have fuelled him creatively as a musician, and the result is a wicked collage of tunes from all over the world.

For more info on Dave, check his website.

1. Bertolt Brecht: Motto

2. Muhammad Ali: Untitled Poem

3. Hound Dog Taylor: Give Me Back My Wig

4. Stormzy X Jeremy Corbyn: Shut Up (J.O.E Remix)

5. Destra: Lucy

6. Johnny Cash: San Quentin

7. Special AKA: Nelson Mandela

8. Yami Bolo: Free Mandela

9. Radio International: Bella Ciao

10. Ani DiFranco: Untouchable Face

11. Nat King Cole: Let There Be Love

12. Sinnead O’Connor: Nothing Compares 2 U


M.O.N.G.O: A Life Less Rawdinary

There's no shortness of rawness! This Mixtape Assembly is curated by Mongo, an artist who will be well known to anyone who knows a bit about the history of hip-hop in the UK, being as he was a founding member of the Mud Family, alongside fellow rappers Skinnyman and Chester P Hackenbush.

Mongo honed his rap skills whilst roaming around Finsbury Park as an aggy adolescent, with his raw delivery allowing him to develop a style what was unmistakably his own. In his Mixtape Assembly, Mongo recalls early memories of the Mud Family, including a mythical battle between the US emcee Common and Highbury’s very own Chester P.

Moving beyond his life in music, Mongo reflects openly on his personal challenges with addiction, and talks in depth about the pain and difficulty of witnessing his older brother - a gifted poet himself - suffer from chronic mental illness.

A North Londoner to the bone, Mongo considers the way the city has changed, particularly in terms of the racism he experienced as a lad with brown skin growing up in Islington. As his instagram followers will know well, Mongo is a skilled photographer, and this Mixtape Assembly proves his observations on the mic are just as vivid.

1. Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb

2. M.O.N.G.O: No Running

3. Orbital: Chimes

4. Roxanne Shante: Have a Nice Day

5. Mud Family: Itchy Town

6. London Posse: Original London Style

7. Oglala Laktoa: Colour

8. Prince: Christopher Tracy’s Parade

9. M.O.N.G.O: Thankful

10. Mike Khan: Daydreams

11. Diamond D: Fuck What U Heard


Shazad Latif: Romantic Banter

Very happy to drop this Mixtape Assembly, presented by the actor Shazad Latif, who will be well known to any Trekkies out there, playing as he does Lieutenant Ash Tyler in the new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery.

In his Mixtape Assembly, Shazad reveals the random encounter that led to his first major role in the spy series Spooks, and pays homage to the inspiration he draws from his creative band of brethren.

Shaz talks vividly about his love of nature, remembering times spent at my family's cottage in Norfolk, as well as bittersweet walks through Hampstead Heath, accompanied by the ghost of William Wordsworth.

Musically, Shaz’s selection is nothing if not eclectic, perhaps in part reflecting his mixed heritage, representing as he does for England, Scotland, and Pakistan.

1. Bruce Springsteen: I'm On Fire

2. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

3. The Voice Squad: The Banks Of The Bann

4. Salif Keita: Madan

5. William Wordsworth: from Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

6. Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending

7. Elvis Presley: All Shook Up

8. Peter Gabriel & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Passion

9. Oliver Hoare & The Late Great: Bang On Rhythm

10. Bart Edwards: Electric Feel

11. Ismael Lo: Tajabone


Paul Barber: From Doo-Wop to Denzil

Paul Barber takes the hot seat for this Mixtape Assembly and the studio is still scorching from his tune selection!

A much loved actor, Paul is probably best known for his roles playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses and Horse in The Full Monty.

When people found out that my dad was in Only Fools, they'd often be keen to find out more about David Jason, who plays the main character Del Boy in the classic sitcom. I'd always find myself mumbling that my dad didn't really have much to do with Jason, and that the guy who played Denzil, Paul Barber, was his best mate from the show.

In this Mixtape Assembly, Paul remembers working on Only Fools with my dad, and also reflects on the friendship he shared with the late, great Larrington Walker, who he first met when they performed together in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar back in 1972.

Going even further back, Paul talks about the songs that helped him get through some very tough times as he grew up in the care system in Liverpool, and the inspiration he drew from conscious music. It turns out Paul could have been a singer himself, and was closely connected to the black soul scene coming out of Liverpool in the 1960s, counting Ray Lake, a founding member of the seminal group The Real Thing, as a close friend.

1. Tymes: So Much In Love

2. Helen Shapiro: Walking Back To Happiness

3. Peter Straker: Coloured Spade

4. The Chants: I Don’t Care

5. The Real Thing: You To Me Are Everything

6. Sixteen Sunsets: Tottenham

7. Curtis Mayfield: Miss Black America

8. Marvin Gaye: Mercy Mercy Me

9. Four Tops: Reach Out I’ll Be There

10. Bill Hayley: Rock Around The Clock

11. Slim Whitman: Rose Marie

12. Sammy Davis Junior: Don’t Blame The Children

13. The Heptones: Yesterday

14. Barrington Levy: The Vibes Is Right

15. Simon and Garfunkel: Old Friends

16. Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

17. Steel Pulse: Ku Klux Klan


Janai: Soulja Survivor

This episode is presented by the one and only Janai, a singer-songwriter who has performed alongside the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Gorgon City, and Anne-Marie. Janai is also a member of the all-conquering House Gospel Choir, who have been mashing up stages for a little while now - watch out! In her Mixtape Assembly, Janai discusses how she has drawn on music in a cathartic way to help her during times of difficulty, and reminisces about rampaging through London as a garage-loving-carnival-raving-Beyonce-worshipping teenager!

Follow Janai’s movements on social media @janaimusic

1. Labyrinth: Jealous

2. Mariah Carey: Music Box

3. Donald Lawrence: The Gift

4. Elephant Man: Pon Di River

5. Shy FX and T-Power: Shake Ur Body

6. Sia: Little Man (Wookie Mix)

7. Lauryn Hill: Lost Ones (remix)

8. The Edwin Hawkins Singers: Oh Happy Day

9. Chris de Burgh: The Lady In Red

10. Garnett Silk: Hello Africa

11. Jagged Edge: Let's Get Married

12. Destiny’s Child: So Good

13. Destiny’s Child: Survivor

14. Floetry: Floetics


Kenneth Cranham: the Mixtape Godfather

This Mixtape Assembly is curated by Kenneth Cranham, one of England's most respected actors, who found fame playing the title role in Shine on Harvey Moon, before going on to appear in a number of films including Hellraiser, Layer Cake and Valkyrie. He is perhaps even more renowned for this work in the theatre, and in 2016 Ken won the Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Play for his role as Andre in Florian Zeller's The Father.

However, as a child growing up I only knew Ken as a music man, and my understanding was that he had a full-time job recording cassette tapes for friends and family, including Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker) and Pete Postlewaite (RIP). Ken must've made hundreds of tapes for his old acting buddy, and my late father, Roger Lloyd Pack. In his Mixtape Assembly, Ken reflects on the way that music permeated his friendship with Roger, and creates another cracking collection of tracks in memory of my dear old dad. Cheers Kenny boy!

1. Phoebe Snow: I Believe In You

2. Bob Dylan and The Band: I'm Not There

3. Dolores Keane and Emmylou Harris: Never Be The Sun

4. Dobie Gray: The "In" Crowd

5. Martha Wainwright: I'll Be Seeing You

6. George Byron: So We'll Go No More A Roving (Read by Kenneth Cranham)

7. The McGarrigles: Hard Times Come Again No More

8. Elvis Presley: I Shall Be Released (Nashville Studio Recording)

9. Marion Williams: I Pity The Poor Immigrant

10. The Neville Brothers: With God On Our Side

11. Original London Cast of Girl From The North Country: To Make You Feel My Love

12. Sheila Atim: Tight Connection To My Heart

suspence mc

SUSPENCE MC: the best disabled rapper alive

This Mixtape Assembly is curated by the West London rapper/producer Suspence MC, aka Simon Spencer, a founding member of the hip-hop/punk/ska collective La Rebla Fam. Simon is one of my oldest friends, and I know him to be someone who lives and breathes music.I remember him telling me how he spent his first few months on this planet fighting for his life in an incubator. His nurses were astonished that he survived, and put it down to the fact that they'd placed a radio in the incubator next to baby Simon and tuned it into a local reggae station. I'd be lying if I said this episode didn't get emotional.

Watch out for Suspence's new EP 'Face for the Radio' coming soon and follow him on social media @suspencemc

1. Lloyd Parks: We'll Get Over It

2. Erykah Badu: On and On

3. Electric Light Orchestra: Mr Blue Sky

4. Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight

5. Notorious B.I.G: Juicy

6. M.O.P: Ante Up

7. Michael Jackson: Bad

8. Gwen Gutherie: Outside in the Rain

9. Janey Kay: Silly Games

Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave: Chicago Blues to Yeats Lake Views

In the 60's Dave worked as an improv comedian, performing at the Second City in Chicago and the Establishment club in London, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Peter Cook and Spike Milligan. During his times in Chicago, Dave was lucky enough to meet a whole heap of his heroes, including Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Martin Luther King and Muhammed Ali.

In later years, Dave moved into the murky world of justice, working as a consultant paralegal for a criminal defense firm and spending far too much time in prison. It has, however, thrown up many a good anecdote, including a poignant tale involving the late, great, John Lennon, which Dave shares with us on his Mixtape Assembly.

1. Howlin' Wolf: Wang Dang Doodle

2. Muddy Waters: Mannish Boy

3. Alvin Cash: Doin' the Ali Shuffle

4. Jimi Hendrix : Like a Rolling Stone (live at Monterey)

5. Glen Miller: In the Mood

6. Billie Holiday: I Can't Get Started

7. The Beatles: A Day in the Life

8. W.B. Yeats: The Lake Isle of Innisfree (read by David Walsh)